Landerwood pilot shirts

Aetna is now the exclusive maker of the Landerwood pilot shirt.  Aetna has been producing this shirt for Landerwood for many years, and recently Landerwood's founder, Joe Claar, decided to retire.  He asked Aetna to continue the Landerwood tradition, and Aetna's parent company purchased Landerwood's assets, including the name, labels, and website, and from this point forward, all production and sales will be from Aetna's Baltimore, Maryland plant.
  Aetna is gratified to have been selected to continue to make the Landerwood shirt, and will work hard to maintain the high standards that Joe and his associate Mack Austin maintained.
   For a number of months in 2014, Mr. Claar had a serious medical illness, and as a result Landerwood's deliveries were all but suspended.  Aetna has focussed its efforts on correcting the backlog, and to delivering the orders that until now have been in uncertain status. 







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